The training course in Biodanza has a three years duration, it consists in twenty-eight modules, two lectures about theoretical
theme related to the Biodanza system. A theoretical report about the treated theme every weekend of the course, leading a group under the supervision beginning from the third year, the presentation of a monograph to receive the diploma.

Each module consists in four theoretical lessons that will be completed by theoretical material written by Rolando Toro corresponding on the theme and four vivencial lessons.

1.Theoretical studies

It consists in the study of the Biodanza theory and its basics, linked to the sciences of life. Theoretical subjects are given in the order indicated in the Unique Programme of Biodanza training

Students have to present a short report about the theme treated in the previous module. The aim is to train students to express correctly the theoretical Biodanza concepts in their own way.

2. Lectures about similar topics

Lectures will be organized in two modules, to reach a total of eight lectures. Lecturships will be hold by specialists or by a students’ team of a given subject.

3. The elaboration of the vivencia

The elaboration of the vivencia in a personal level or in a group one. In the training lectures, one gives a lot of importance to the vivencia relationships and the given theoretical theme.

It’s very important for the pupil to participate to a Biodanza weekly group to study in depth the vivencia. In the city where there are no Biodanza teachers it is recommended the participation to vivencial lectures once the two months.

4. Methodology

Teaching approach to the methodological sources to lead groups of Biodanza.

The unique Biodanza training program includes seven modules about methodology.

The aim of these modules is to make the student able to do his work.

5. The internship

It’s a weekly experience of managing a Biodanza group supervised by a teacher. It’s necessary to reach a number of eight supervised sessions (two hours each).

The supervised period can start only after the permit of the school director.

6. Social activity

Students can realize a social activity offering biodanza to social outcasts, to advanced age people, to institutions protecting childhood, etc.

7. Monograph

Elaboration of a monograph about a theoretical or practical aspect of Biodanza. The monograph will be realized following the orientation of a teacher, that will supervise the work.

8. Graduation

It consists in the presentation of the monograph before a committee.

The exam will be realized before a committee organized by the school which the student belong to.

If the monograph is approved, the student will become a teacher of Biodanza.

9. Biodanza teacher degree

To obtain the diploma of Biodanza teacher, the student will be signed at the International Biocentric Foundation by the school director, who will provide the number of professional registry.
Theoretical and vivencial modules of the training in Biodanza

The training program consists of thirty modules made once week-end a month. Totally it takes about three years.

1. Definition of Theoretical Model of Biodanza
2. Biocentric Principle and living unconsciousness
3. the vivencia
4. biological aspects of Biodanza
5. physiological aspects of biodanza
6. psychological aspects of biodanza
7. mythic and philosophic antecedents of biodanza
8. identity and integration
9. trance and regression
10. contact and caress
11. the human movement
12. vitality
13. sexuality
14. creativity
15. affectivity
16. transcendence
17. action mechanisms of biodanza
18. application and extension of biodanza
19. biodanza ars magna
20. biodanza and social action
21. music in biodanza
22. methodology I (musical semantics)
23. methodology II (biodanza session)
24. methodology III (biodanza session)
25. methodology IV (weekly course and stage of biodanza)
26. methodology V (biodanza group)
27. methodology VI (development evaluation measures in Biodanza)
28. methodology VII ( official list of the Biodanza exercises)
29. seminary
30. seminary

Main standards to accede to the training course

1. Participate to a weekly biodanza group with a graduated teacher
2. Education level: high school graduation (except particular case)
3. Don’t show clear dissociations according to the Biodanza principles