The training school of Biodanza, all over the world are methodologically directed by the International Biocentric Foundation.

The training course in Biodanza lasts about three years and a half. In this period students have to bring the Unique Programme of Biodanza Training to an end.

To gain access to the training school, students should have done a minimum of fifty hours of vivencia (in weekly groups or in vivencial workshops). If the students didn’t reach the exact amount of hours, he can reach it during the first six months of the training course. It’s also important to participate to a weekly group during the whole training process for the students’ personal development. De bästa spelerbjudandena i oz slots vårt casino följer länken!

The school offers a theoretical, methodological and vivencial teaching that has been improved in many years of research.

Its aim is to offer a qualified training to practise the profession of Biodanza teacher, both in free groups and in different kinds of institutions (educational, healthy, social ones and entrepreneurial activities).

The Working Method

The school works a weekend a month (Saturday and Sunday), according to a planning arranged in advance.

Each training module is structured in a theoretical part and a vivencial one and it lasts twelve hours in total.

Each module concerns a specific subject of the Unique Program of Biodanza Training and students always receive an instalment
about the proposed theme.

At the end of each training module, students have to draft a theoretical report about the theme.